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DeliverLean is the #1 Diet Delivery service in Florida serving Miami to Tampa. As the leader in the Diet Delivery industry we believe in choices, which is why we have 4 primary meal plans to choose from including Classic, Paleo, Vegetarian and Vegan.

We also spent nearly a year developing our proprietary client portal that allows our customer to choose their own meals. That’s right – YOU CHOOSE your own meals from over 100 options for any given week.


All of our meals are made fresh daily by our world class culinary team in a certified 41 degree cold room to guarantee freshness and product quality. We guarantee that your food will be delivered to your door by 7am on our delivery days.

Whether you’re a crossfit athlete looking to feed your workout schedule, a business professional looking for the convenience of pre-cooked portion-controlled delivered meals (without sacrificing flavor or nutrition), or just looking to drop a couple pounds before summer – DeliverLean has the team, the products, the service and technology to help you LIVE BETTER.

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