Meet The Team

  • Torrie Yellen

    Registered Dietitian

    Torrie Yellen is a Registered Dietitian, avid runner, and cooking enthusiast who recently joined DeliverLean. Torrie’s focus is to help clients lead a healthier lifestyle and to improve corporate wellness for local businesses through fresh meal plans.

  • Jeanee Duval

    Graphic Designer

    Jeanee has been a professional graphic designer for nearly two decades. As a former greeting cards graphic designer at Hallmark Cards and web designer for Borders Books, Jeanee has years of experience designing for brands that provide positive lifestyle products.

  • Caroline Flynn


    Caroline Flynn is an accredited chef with a degree from The Natural Gourmet Institute of New York. She has kitchen experience ranging from raw vegan to classic french, incorporating classic technique into modern cuisine.

  • Peter Cianci


    Cianci oversees sales programs and new revenue channels. Cianci has a history of working with large and entrepreneurial businesses and improving existing or discovering new revenue channels, including AMPEX Data Corp and AudioTalk, which later sold its intellectual property to Skype.

  • Candy Tree

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Tree oversees all marketing efforts, from advertising to regional grassroots marketing and consumer acquisition and retention, to specialized programs and meal packages that drive trial, membership and word-of-mouth.

  • Olga Kuzenkov


    With a degree in accounting and an entrepreneurial streak, Ukraine-born and U.S. educated Kuzenkov oversees all financial operations for DeliverLean and its sub-brands.

  • Scott Harris

    Founder & CEO

    A serial entrepreneur, Scott Harris has had no problem creating success, but it wasn’t until his latest venture that he found his calling. DeliverLean’s inception was a product of problem solving. Scott noticed the need for healthier eating habits in the workplace to boost his employees’ productivity.

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