Flywheel New Year New Your Challenge.

Checking in – Week 3

Flywheel Classes. Check.

DeliverLean Meals. Check.

Progress. Check.


Here we are at Week 3. I must say it’s been a challenge making it to class 4x per week, but I’m doing my best and rounding off at 3-4x weekly. I’m addicted. It’s such a great workout every time and I’ve never sweat so much in my life! Additionally, I have amazing instructors to keep me motivated, great music to ride to, and I leave every class having been challenged. My cardio has improved, & I’m FEELING lighter, but I’m not weighing myself until the end.

It’s so nice to able to pair my workouts with DeliverLean’s Paleo meal plan. This week I added an OnJuice Organic, Cold-Pressed juice to every day that I worked out. Sometimes we get caught up in exercise, and don’t realize how important proper nutrition is to help reach your goals.  These workouts coupled with DeliverLean portion controlled and balanced meals are the perfect combo to help me reach my goal.  One week left on this challenge.  Stay tuned for more.

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