How to Crush your Nutrition Goals – Part 2

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You’ve decided to make a change. You are finally ready. Now what?

In the previous blog, we discussed writing down everything you eat down for at least 3 days. Write every piece of chip, candy, bread, protein, anything that you chew.

Do this without any judgment towards yourself, do this simply as a way to gather information about yourself.

What kinds of patterns do you see? Are you snacking when you’re stressed? Do you eat lunch? Are your meals balanced? Are you getting vitamins and minerals from natural foods? How many cups of coffee do you drink during the day? Are you drinking water?

These are all questions you should ask yourself. Again, leave the judgment behind. You should feel proud that you are putting in so much work to take care of your body.

Those of you with children, remember that they are modeling your behaviors every day. This is a natural process kids go through. They pick up your patterns, behaviors and attitudes. Make meal time an enjoyable event.

Then, write down what a perfect day would look like for you. The time you wake up, what your breakfast is, your lunch, snacks and dinner. If you don’t know what it should look like, ask a dietitian to help you. Also, write down how you would expect to feel after a full day of clean eating. This exercise helps you to visualize the end result, and how you will achieve it. You have to take control of your own health. After all, you are the one choosing what you eat every day.

Now the fun part!

Write down one goal per week. For example: I will eat one cup of green vegetables every day this week.  If you don’t meet this goal, continue on to the next week. Then, increase the portion to 2 cups and so on. This type of gradual change, makes the process easier and won’t feel forced.

Need to drink more water? Buy yourself a nice water bottle that you love, fill it up, and drink 2-3 portions per day. Aim to consume 1/2 of your body weight in ounces.

Do you feel like you are snacking when you are not hungry? Eliminate the snacks. Snacking is addictive especially when the snacks are made from sugar or carbs.

Can’t figure out the proper balance of carbs, protein, and fat?  Start by ordering a healthy meal plan that is suitable to your goals, like DeliverLean. This takes the guesswork out of eating healthy. You have your meal, you eat it, and you move forward. Make it simple.

Most importantly, have a positive attitude about your journey. Every right action, leads you closer to your goals.

Liza M. Scott MS, RD, CISSN
Registered Dietitian
Personal Trainer

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