DeliverLean™ Healthy Meal Delivery Service Introduces New Vegetarian Menu

July 12, 2013 – Boca Raton, FL – Just as fast-casual restaurants and epicurean and organic packaged foods brands have started offering more vegetarian options, the delivered meal industry is now following suit.


DeliverLean in South Florida noticed increasing demand for its non-meat menu items, and in response designed a new vegetarian menu that offers customers a wide range of gourmet options.  Emphasizing portion- and calorie-control but also optimal protein intake, DeliverLean’s new menu utilizes the freshest, locally sourced produce, non-meat proteins and preparations that put flavor first.


To introduce the program, DeliverLean is offering customers a special promotion of four vegetarian meals per day for just $29.  If desired, customers may substitute one meal for a selection from DeliverLean’s organic cold-pressed juice line OnJuice, so that they instead receive three vegetarian means and one juice per day.  This alternative program underscores OnJuice’s message that “juicing” should be done responsibly and in coordination with proper food intake.


One of DeliverLean’s core propositions, past portion- and calorie-control, is time savings.  So while many vegetarian dishes are generally less time-consuming to prepare, they can be just as complicated in terms of washing, cutting and sometimes peeling, and often require more focused preparation to capitalize on produce’s shorter cooking times – after all, who wants overcooked vegetables?  DeliverLean’s new vegetarian menu takes all this into consideration, saving customers the prep time so they can enjoy traditional and innovative vegetarian dishes, delivered right to their home or office.


Breakfasts include DeliverLean’s Banana Stuffed Ezekiel French Toast with Sugar Free Syrup.  Lunches include Falafel Pitas with Tomato Cucumber Relish and Tzatziki Sauce or Quinoa & Avocado Salad, with Dried Fruit, Toasted Almonds and Lemon Cumin Vinaigrette.  Dinner highlights dishes like Sesame Tofu & Shitake Kabobs with Short Brown Rice and Sugar Snap Peas.


For those substituting one meal for cold-pressed juice, OnJuice is available in 12 flavors, including summer favorite “Pink” with watermelon, kale-based “Upskale,” or citrusy “Lemon Aid”.


“As DeliverLean’s popularity increases we’re placing greater emphasis on how the menu evolves,” says co-founder and ceo Scott Harris.  “Our new vegetarian options will not only attract new customers, but help existing ones revaluate their eating habits.”


About DeliverLean & OnJuice

DeliverLean is South Florida’s fastest growing healthy delivered meal service and includes traditional, paleo, gluten-free and organic diet programs in addition to the new vegetarian menu – any of which can be ordered easily for delivery to home or office.  The DeliverLean brand places as much emphasis on ingredients, preparation and great taste as it does on calorie- and portion-control and prepares nearly 80,000 meals per month for customers in the South Florida region.  DeliverLean, as a growing health & wellness brand, recently introduced OnJuice, a line of organic cold-pressed juices – the hottest beverage category in the country.  Visit or for more details.