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Boca Raton, FL (September 2012) – Since their inception in September 2011 and taking the meal delivery business by storm, South Florida’s DeliverLean introduces Baked by DeliverLean, a baked goods and dessert line.  With DeliverLean’s effective weight-loss program, consumers can incorporate confectionery goods into their diets in a controlled and disciplined manner.

Baked by DeliverLean has developed a method for health-conscious individuals to consume their coveted desserts without the guilt and added weight gain they wish to avoid. Desserts include biscotti, brownies, carrot cake muffins, chocolate tart scones, cookies and custards.  Each individually sized dessert is 90 to 300 calories each, are low in sugar and diabetic friendly along with gluten-free options..

Baked by DeliverLean’s launch is centered on healthy choices. Many DeliverLean customers understand the consequences of confection consumption and may have fallen victim to dessert cravings.   “We strongly believe in balancing control and pleasure,” says founder Scott Harris. “Baked by DeliverLean is compatible with DeliverLean’s meal plan. The line targets consumers who want to lose weight, reward recent weight loss or indulge their sweet tooth without guilt or sacrificing their health achievements.” The desserts assist in curbing cravings and keeping one’s diet on track. “This is a solution to save people time and energy, while simultaneously providing a nutritious and delicious way to attain a healthy body weight,” adds Harris.

Baked by DeliverLean is available for purchase at $3.25 each at

DeliverLean is currently available in South Florida from Jupiter to South Miami but expansion to additional markets is set for 2013. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for daily giveaways and helpful tips to stay healthy.

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