DeliverLean Shares Slim Down Secrets for Getting in Oscar-Worthy Shape

DeliverLean Press Releases

Boca Raton, FL – January 28, 2013: DeliverLean, a gourmet meal delivery service based in Boca Raton, shares their slim-down secrets to help clients get in shape like A-list celebrities. Developed by their Certified Holistic Health Coach, these tips teach men and women to make long-term lifestyle changes that are used by the stars to stay trim before and after the awards season. Tips include:


1.  Portion control in the palm of your hand. Use the size of your palm as a measurement for the maximum amount of protein to have at each meal, your fist as a measurement for carbs and starches and your thumb for the measurement of fat.


2. Plate it well. Use a small salad-sized plate for your entrée.


3. Variety is a spice of life. Make sure that you have enough variety in your meals so you don’t get bored and will be more likely to stick to eating clean foods.


4. Stop the diet, start a life. If you want to succeed, food has to work for YOUR lifestyle. It has to be convenient and it has to taste good to you.


5. Leave the guilt behind. Focus on the long-term goals that don’t require 100% perfection.


To help busy clients, DeliverLean provides a turn-key solution that incorporates these tips and delivers gourmet meal to clients’ homes for only $24.99 per day. Additionally, clients will receive 2 days free when signing up for a month of meals. Organic meals are available for an extra $5 a meal.


Each gourmet meal is prepared fresh daily by DeliverLean’s three executive chefs and ranges from 250-400 calories per meal, guaranteeing clients the right balance of nutrition for optimum productivity and overall health. There are no preservatives, chemicals or artificial flavors used at DeliverLean’s kitchen.


All clients need to do is choose one of DeliverLean’s six affordable healthy meal plans by signing up online at or by calling 888-730-5326. After that, the meals will be hand-delivered straight to clients’ homes and the hardest decision they will have to make is choosing which delicious meal to eat first. “Our goal at DeliverLean is to make healthy eating convenient and delicious. We also want to take it a step further and provide our clients with personal support so that they don’t feel overwhelmed with new lifestyle changes,” says Scott Harris, CEO of DeliverLean.

DeliverLean was established in September 2011 by health-conscious foodies and savvy business professionals Scott Harris and Olga Kuzenkov as a solution to save people time and energy, while simultaneously providing a nutritious and delicious way to attain a healthy body weight. DeliverLean’s current plans include Traditional, Paleo, Gluten-Free (Celiac-Friendly), Rx Meals, Organic and HCG-Friendly and they are hand-delivered straight to homes and offices of their clients. They also offer Gluten-Free Desserts by their Baked by DL line and 100% Organic, Raw Vegan Juices by their OnJuice Brand


Ensuring DeliverLean’s position as the taste category leader in the diet delivery industry, the company recruited three culinary masters – Andrew Whiteman and James Donato, from two of the most notable private aviation catering companies in the United States, and Ku Castano, who spent several years working for Unique Restaurant Concepts owned by Dennis Max.


For more information on DeliverLean, please call 561-807-6080 to inquire or visit: