DL-Sponsored Mrs. Florida to Compete for Mrs. America 2014

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DeliverLean is a proud sponsor of the reigning Mrs. Florida, Vida Hargrett who will be competing for the title of Mrs. America in Las Vegas July 20-25th! Consuming a combination of Paleo and Traditional meals for pageant-preparation, learn more about Vida and her experience On The DL!


I was born and reared in the illustrious  “World’s Whitest Beaches” of Pensacola, Florida before moving to Tallahassee for undergrad and graduate school. After receiving a Masters degree in Social Work I relocated to Orlando to peruse a career in corporate America. Not long after I found a love for South Florida and have been here for about 4 years now.

The youngest of 6 kids, I was pretty content with having only 1 child however, I was blessed with 2, Chrisdon (2 years) and Brookelyn (5 months). Yes, I competed in a state pageant in swimsuit just 3 months post pregnancy. As challenging as it was, my supportive spouse, Chrisdon Hargrett is one of the best personal trainers in the world and he made certain that I was swimsuit ready.

During pageant preparation the meals have been a blessing! Every meal delivered from DeliverLean is exquisite to say the least, but I think my favorite is the turkey burger and sweet potato wedges. I love the fact that I can continue to eat the things I enjoy but have the relaxation of knowing it’s nutritiously prepared and how many calories I am consuming.

As the reigning Mrs. Florida I am an ambassador for this great state, one that understands all too well the value of working for what you desire and continuing the work AFTER reaping the reward. I have and will continue working hand in hand with various charities, one being the Mesothelioma Research Foundation of America. My platform is centered around Mesothelioma Research. Every chance I have to say the name mesothelioma, is a chance to say it to someone who can possibly find treatable measures.

I look forward to continuing this journey to the national stage in Las Vegas, Nevada July 20-25 as I compete for the coveted title of Mrs. United States. Wish me well as I represent the Sunshine state with every ounce of my heart!

A Mother, Wife, Mental Health Therapist, and most importantly a Woman of God

Mrs. Florida United States 2014

Vida Hargrett, MSW