Hottest Food Trends in 2019

Hottest Food Trends in 2019

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While there are many tremendous aspects of the human race, one is the constant desire to innovate, invent, and create. Whether it’s electric cars, cryptocurrency or even the foods that we eat, there is always progress towards the next greatest “thing.”

You’ve probably heard the saying, “that’s the greatest thing since sliced bread,” and no one can argue that sliced bread wasn’t an amazing invention, but it’s now 2019 and the latest food trends are so much better. Let’s take a look at some of the latest food trends in 2019 that you should keep an eye out for!

7 Food Trends 2019

Tahini Desserts

We know what you might be thinking, tahini sounds like an ingredient from the Mediterranean or Middle Eastern restaurant you’ve been to. Well, you’re right, but it is now being used as a popular substitute for peanut butter in one of the newest dessert trends. These toasted and ground sesame seeds can now be found in ice cream bars, milkshakes, and even baked goods. Keep your eyes peeled and give it a try!

Hidden Vegetables

Everyone knows that eating more vegetables is an important aspect of any diet. But now, the step has gone even further to sneaking vegetables into desserts, using them as pizza crust and even substituting them for rice and other grains. Surprisingly, they taste just as good and most (not all) of the time you’ll never even know!

Fermented Foods

Poor gut health can cause serious health concerns and conditions, and the modern diet hasn’t done much to help it. In comes the rise of fermented foods. Sure, we know that sometimes fermented can be interchanged for rotten, but that’s not the case. Fermented foods contain cultures of probiotic bacteria that are essential for healthy digestion.

Two food items that have seen a great increase in popularity are kimchi (fermented cabbage) and kombucha (fermented teas). Some yogurts have been advertised for years now about containing probiotic cultures as well.

 latest food trendsBeyond Meatless

Vegetarianism and veganism continue to gain popularity as now mainstream foodstuff is beginning to capitalize on the expanding market. Recently, Beyond Meat, an LA-based company that produces plant-based meat substitutes, has made headlines by going public and being featured in restaurants around the country.

Now, vegans and vegetarians can enjoy a juicy, tasty burger like everyone else while staying true to their dietary and ethical standards.

Cabbage makes a comeback

Kale was once solely used as display case decoration cauliflower was the last vegetable taken in the produce section but now both are wildly popular. Cabbage has made a giant comeback and can be found as enchilada wraps, chips, sandwich bread-substitutes, and even in lasagnas to remove the need for pasta.

Added sugar is evil

From a dietary standpoint, 2019 has been a campaign about removing added refined sugar from the foods we eat. Whether you want to lose weight or reduce your risk of diabetes and heart disease, cutting the food and drinks that carry excess sugars is key.

The clean eating trend takes this to heart, but if you’re not committed to cutting the sweetness all together, you can substitute honey, stevia or coconut sugar instead.

Doorstep Delivery

While food delivery has been around for a short while, 2019 has seen a drastic increase in the types of food that are being delivered. From your groceries that a shopper picks for you to your favorite fast food value meals. As our lives get busier and busier, time and convenience become the most important aspects of our lives and sometimes our health can suffer because of these convenient food choices.

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