How to Improve Athletic Performance With Food

How to Improve Athletic Performance With Food

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Food is nature’s way of helping us heal, grow, get stronger and brighter. Over the years, we’ve found ways to use food to our advantage by combining different ingredients to reach optimal health. We eat at particular times of day to keep the metabolism running. We consume fatty foods for power, pack food to eat on the go and prepare meals to limit cook time.

Somewhere along the way, between combinations and deconstructions, additives and pre-prepared items, we moved away from organic sources of food. Today, you’re more likely to see an almond protein bar than the almonds themselves. Natural and whole foods are medicine for the body. Eating them regularly gets the body moving and growing in its optimal performance.

Diet for athletic performance

As you train in your athletic sport of choice, a strong diet is the best compliment. It ensures your body is running smoothly and optimally, recovering healthily and helps you achieve peak performance abilities and goals.

Performance enhancing foods

  • Salmon

If you are up for eating fish, salmon is your go-to nutrient booster. Salmon is packed with protein and omega-3s, which are essential for achieving high physical performance and reducing inflammation. Anti-inflammatory ingredients are especially important during sustained physical activity and recovery.

  • Beets

Beetroots are a stellar supplement for the circulatory system. By improving the function of the heart and its surrounding organs, athletes can breathe longer and better before becoming exhausted by physical activity. It is smart to incorporate beets before major competitions or as an everyday part of your diet.

  • Spirulina

Spirulina is a blue-green alga loaded with nutrients. It keeps your body fueled and healthy as you train. Spirulina improves endurance and longevity, aids in recovery, provides energy and puts the body into fat-burning mode.

 performance enhancing foods

  • Turmeric

When you are exercising at consistently peak levels, inflammation tends to build up in your joints, where you repeat the most motions or do the heavy lifting. Turmeric is full of anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants to help keep your joints healthy and the inflammation minimal.

  • Maca

A little bit of maca goes a long way and it will help you go a long way, too. Maca is an adaptogenic Peruvian herb that promotes stamina and energy in the body. It’s also loaded with iron to help carry oxygen in your blood and calcium and amino acids to strengthen and soothe muscles.

  • Natural honey

If you’ve yet to try natural, raw honey, you’re in for a real treat. Fresh bee’s honey is jam-packed with power. Eat a spoonful or add it to your smoothie. It will fuel you with energy so strong you’ll be able to feel it during and even after your training or performance. Get picky with your honey, look for natural sources and opt for the honey with the most crystallization to maximize power.

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