How to have a “No Excuse” New Year

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After a long holiday season, it might seem impossible to get back on track and focus on your health and nutrition.  Although it feels like a daunting task, there are several small changes you can make which amount to a big difference.  Here are a few ideas below to help you stay focused on your health – no excuses!


  1. Don’t get overwhelmed – this is the biggest challenge to face. Even though it’s the New Year and you want to scratch all of your goals off at once, it’s more realistic to take baby steps to a healthier you.  Add one more day of physical activity into your week.  Vow to have a vegetable or fruit at each meal for the day.  Switch out white rice or pasta for whole wheat.  These small changes will help you reach your goals without making you feel frazzled.
  2. Pair up with a buddy – It’s easier to stay on track (and more fun) when you have someone else to motivate, and that motivates you. Whether it’s a friend, sibling or spouse, try to find a workout or cooking partner with the same goals that you have.
  3. Drink more water – one of the easiest (and cheapest) things you can do is drink more water. Staying hydrated helps you feel less bloated, can prevent you from overeating (sometimes we think we are hungry but are actually thirsty), and can improve the look of skin.
  4. Watch out for a snack attack – without knowing it, we can undo most of our progress by mindlessly snacking. Pay attention to what your body is telling you – are you actually hungry? If so- have something small, and make sure there is protein and fiber involved.  A handful of raw trail mix, or a few tablespoons of hummus with mixed veggie sticks are some nutritious choices that should hit the spot.  DeliverLean has some great snack offerings, like kale chips and trail mix to keep you fueled between meals.
  5. Make it convenient – If your healthy new year’s plan isn’t easy to execute, it won’t be easy to stick with. Try to meal prep, or have fresh and healthy meals and snacks delivered to you (like DeliverLean).  This way, you haven’t spent any time shopping, cooking, or cleaning, and can use that time to work on your fitness or family goals.

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