Which Plan Is Right For You?

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A weight loss plan only works if you stick with it. So choosing a plan that fits your lifestyle and personality is arguably the most important part of the journey.

If you hate to cook, you won’t last long on a high preparation plan! If you live with kids or big eaters and are constantly surrounded by food, you’ll need a plan that factors in lots of healthy snacks. If time is an issue for you, finding a plan that prioritizes convenience is a must!

Before selecting your plan, evaluate your requirements and include these important factors:

Your experience with past plans: What worked for you and what didn’t?
Your preferences: What kind of foods do you enjoy?
Your budget: What can you afford realistically?
Other considerations: Do you have any health concerns that need to be addressed?

In addition, we have two customizable options, on top of the four plans. Read on to find out more about making YOUR plan Gluten-Free or Organic!

At DeliverLean, we understand the personal process that goes into choosing the perfect plan and that’s why we have six to choose from! Here are the vital statistics you need to know to help you select the right plan for you:


If you don’t enjoy cutting out food groups or restricting your carb intake, the traditional plan might be just what you need.

Approximately 400 calories per meal

Excellent for:
Weight loss
Weight Maintenance
Developing healthy eating habits

The YUM factor:
Power grains like quinoa and barley, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as lean, clean proteins are central to this plan. Enjoy dishes like the Hoisin Glazed Turkey Burger on a Whole-Wheat Bun with Gingered Sweet Potato Wedges.


Taking your kitchen cues from cavemen may not sound delicious but maintaining a diet of unprocessed foods, lean animal proteins and fresh fruits & vegetables is undoubtedly a very healthy way of eating. Fortunately at DeliverLean, we make sure each of these meals are as delicious as they are healthy!

Approximately 300 calories per meal

Excellent for:
Kick-starting weight-loss
Long-term weight loss
Leaning out
Improved health

The YUM factor:
Lean protein sources, eggs, all non-starchy vegetables and fresh fruit are at the core of this plan. Eating Marinated Sliced Steak with Miso Mushroom Gravy Celeriac Mash and Sautéed Carrots for dinner will have you forgetting you’re on a low calorie plan at all.


If you have always wanted to experience the benefits of a plant-based diet, but were not too sure how to go about preparing the meals, this plan has your name on it! Our chefs are adept at creating exotic dishes that burst with flavor and taste. Not to mention, each meal is packed with approximately 8 -10 ounces of healthy, nutrient-dense seasonal vegetables.

Approximately 300-400 calories per meal

Excellent for:
Reducing the monotony of a vegetarian diet

The YUM Factor:
Eating plant-based foods sounds bland but wait until you taste some of our chefs’ creations! The Manicotti Bundles with Spinach, Mushrooms, Ricotta and Fresh Marinara will have even the biggest meat eaters envious of your plate!


DeliverLean bring you meals that bear the strict stamp of approval from Sexy Fit Vegan™ Ella Magers. With her help, our chefs have designed an innovative and creative vegan menu using plant based ingredients and natures most powerful super foods!

Meals range between 250 – 400 calories each

Excellent for:
Weight maintenance
Improved energy levels
Keeping vegan dishes interesting

The YUM Factor:
Our chefs are masters of using power grains and healthy fruits and veggies to create flavor packed foods. The Banana Date Muffins, Eggless Egg Salads, Mango Summer Rolls, and Kelp Noodle Pad Thai are just a few of the delicious options available on this plan.



Eating a purely organic diet is gaining popularity in today’s age, but that doesn’t make it a simple lifestyle to adopt. We only use the highest quality organic proteins like wild caught (never farmed) fish and shellfish, free-range chicken, humanely raised, 100% grass fed lean beef and pork. All of our protein sources are certified organic, and hormone and antibiotic free.

Approximately 300-400 calories per meal

Excellent for:
Easy, long-term weight-loss
Better health
Peace of mind in knowing you are eating the purest sourced ingredients.

The YUM factor:
Getting creative with organic proteins is what our team of chefs are best at. If you select this plan be sure to try the maple-brined chicken with apricot, oven roasted and carrots lentil pilaf.


Maintaining a gluten-free life can be quite a challenge – especially if you’re trying to lose weight or eat healthy. Letting DeliverLean worry about the taste, variety and calorie intake of a gluten free plan takes it from difficult to DELICIOUS!

Approximately 300-400 calories per meal

Excellent for:
Weight loss
Improved digestion
Increased energy levels

The YUM factor:
Gluten free doesn’t have to mean taste free. On this plan you can enjoy waffles, pancakes and even muffins. The banana waffles with fresh fruit, candied walnuts and sugar free syrup are a firm favorite among the followers of this plan.