Slimming & Sensual Snacks for Valentine’s Day

DeliverLean Blog

I mean, who can have a Valentine’s Day without chocolate?! Even our health experts at DeliverLean say that a little dark chocolate on this holiday is just, well, NECESSARY! For an easy recipe, try our Cacao Truffles! Just use a food processor to blend together dates, almond butter, cacao powder, & a pinch of sea salt. Roll into balls and stick in the freezer for 30 minutes. Enjoy!

Kale Chips
Kale chips are an extremely nutritious snack, as you’ve probably been hearing a lot this year! With a high nutrition density and a low caloric proportion, these chips are especially guilt-free if you make them at home! Just be sure to check your teeth before going in for a Valentine’s Day kiss!

Coconut Yogurt with Raspberries
For a pretty breakfast in bed, try some Coconut Yogurt with Raspberries added on top! Your honey will be sure to appreciate the gesture, and may not even realize that it only took you 2 minutes to prepare!

Organic Popcorn
Snuggle up next to your loved one for a romantic movie and some Organic Popcorn. This particular version by Newman’s Own is our favorite:

Surprisingly, popcorn can be delicious even without all of the salt and additives most brands use. If plain popcorn is too bland, pour some melted coconut oil in the bag and shake it up!

Who doesn’t like a sushi date? It’s romantic, delicious, & this type of cuisine doesn’t leave you too stuffed and bloated for some Valentine’s Day fun later on! Our nutrition specialist suggests swapping the white rice for brown, and the tempura for fresh salmon! Start with a miso soup or seaweed salad as an appetizer!.