Superfoods for Summer

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Summer is a great time to enjoy superfoods. You might be thinking “what are superfoods?” Superfoods are foods that provide antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Really, it’s just a cool name for nutrient rich foods. We tend to think of superfoods as being exotic foods that only grow in the Amazon rainforest and are 3 different colors and also provides all of the nutrients we need to survive. That isn’t the case, but they are a great addition to any meal prep routine or meal delivery service.

Listed below are 10 superfoods that are great to incorporate into your diet:

  1. Acai (originated in S. America) – great source of antioxidants and great for smoothies
  2. Brussels sprouts – make a great side dish and have disease fighting nutrient properties
  3. Walnuts – great for reducing inflammation
  4. Eggs – good source of protein and may actually help control healthy cholesterol levels (contrary to popular belief that they are bad for cholesterol)
  5. Bok-choy – may help protect bones with its Calcium rich nutrition
  6. Salmon – good for heart health, brain health, joint health, supports healthy cholesterol levels, anti-inflammatory properties
  7. Kale – may help protect against different kinds of cancers
  8. Black beans – good source of protein and fiber
  9.  Avocado – great to help promote heart health
  10. Oats – rich in magnesium (good for muscles), potassium (good for heart function), and fiber (help control cholesterol)

If those reasons aren’t good enough to get you ordering them with your DeliverLean meals, I’m not too sure what else might convince you! Remember that you want to get a variety of nutrients into your diet so mix up the foods you eat and always incorporate a variety of colorful items on your plate. Consuming more of the foods listed above may help you stay healthy as well as help you recuperate from your regular activities. Eat well, train well, and stay healthy!

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