Undo Thanksgiving Damage With A Juicy Black Friday Special

DeliverLean Press Releases

Boca Raton, FL – November 12th, 2012: DeliverLean, a gourmet meal-delivery service based in Boca Raton, is making it easy for clients to maintain and even lose inches with their portion-controlled meals and 100% Organic cold-pressed juices and detoxes. While the holiday season with its parties can add unwanted weight, DeliverLean is taking the stress out during the holidays and helps trim clients’ waistlines instead of their wallets with a Juicy Black Friday Special.


Black Friday Specials: Buy a month of gourmet meals and get 2 DAYS FREE or buy 2 months of gourmet meals and get 1 WEEK FREE! The extra free meals will help clients save money for holiday gifts and save calories for holiday parties.


DeliverLean’s line up includes six gourmet meal plans, 100% organic cold-pressed juices, smoothies, detox programs and freshly-baked gluten-free desserts. As a FREE bonus, DeliverLean offers clients complimentary access to their own registered dietitians and nutritionists.


Each gourmet meal is prepared fresh daily by DeliverLean’s three executive chefs and ranges from 250-400 calories per meal, guaranteeing clients the right balance of nutrition for optimum energy, glowing skin and overall health. This ideal balance of healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables has been proven to help clients look and feel their best.


DeliverLean’s current plans include Traditional, Paleo, Gluten-Free (Celiac-Friendly), Rx Meals, Organic and HCG-Friendly and they are hand-delivered straight to homes and offices of their clients. “We know how challenging it is to embark on a diet plan in January and stick to it. This is why we are committed to making it easy and convenient for our clients reach their goals of optimum health,” says Scott Harris, CEO of DeliverLean.


DeliverLean was established in September 2011 by health-conscious foodies and savvy business professionals Scott Harris and Olga Kuzenkov as a solution to save people time and energy, while simultaneously providing a nutritious and delicious way to attain a healthy body weight.


Ensuring DeliverLean’s position as the taste category leader in the diet delivery industry, the company recruited three culinary masters – Andrew Whiteman and James Donato, from two of the most notable private aviation catering companies in the United States, and Ku Castano, who spent several years working for Unique Restaurant Concepts owned by Dennis Max.


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