Diet- A Four Letter Word DeliverLean Doesn’t Believe In

It’s the New Year and most of us will yet again write, “go on a diet” on our resolution list. Why is putting nutritious foods in our bodies such a daunting and painful task? In today’s world, most of us go to work all day while maintaining a home and a family. It’s easy to feel like there isn’t any time in the day to buy, prepare, and eat a nutritious meal. Another obstacle we face relates to how we view “eating healthy.” Most of us associate healthy eating with going on a diet. We end up trying the latest and greatest shake or pill or try to restrict ourselves to boiled chicken and broccoli. Initially, the pounds fall right off, but is this lifestyle realistic to maintain forever? Most often, no, which is why the majority of us that go on diets end up gaining back the weight.

Instead of associating healthy eating with dieting, it should be associated with a lifestyle change. With DeliverLean, our meal plans are not diets, but instead are designed to help our clients make permanent changes that can improve their energy, health and wellbeing! Our meals are calorically balanced, and are only prepared with fresh ingredients, all natural protein sources, and omega-rich oils. We offer several options including Paleo, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, and even Vegan for the plant lovers out there. For those looking for a jump start, we have an amazing detox plan, DLrevAMP which is a USDA organic plant based food detox that is everything but deprivation.

Not only does DeliverLean provide you with tasty and nutritious food, but we provide convenience. Our food is prepared in a state of the art cold room and is delivered straight to your door. Just recently, we launched a Choose Your Own Meals portal, where you can log in and choose all of your meals from 96 options per week! What if you’re going away for a winter vacation? No problem! DeliverLean has you covered. You are now able to pause and restart your plan with a click of your mouse. It has never been easier to feed your body the nutrients it needs. You can leave the word diet back in 2015 where it belongs!

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