4 Reasons for holiday weight gain – and how to combat them.

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We all know about the dreaded holiday bulge, but have you ever asked yourself why people tend to gain more weight over the holidays?
“Because we eat more” is a valid answer, however it does not tell a complete story.

The following 4 reasons top the list of reasons why we are at risk for seasonal weight gain:

2.Social Pressure
3.Broken Routines
4.Emotional Associations

Forewarned is fore-armed so below, is a comprehensive battle plan in the war against holiday weight gain.

Stress: While holidays should be all about relaxing and recharging one’s batteries, the Festive Season tends to be filled with commitments and stress-inducing situations. This leads to comfort eating, stress eating and elevated levels of the stress hormone Cortisol which is known to stimulate belly fat.

What can you do? When you feel the stress creeping in, why not use it as an excuse to get outside, go for a walk, a run or anything that gets your heart rate up and your stress levels down. It’s a great way to get in some exercise and will help remove you from potentially over-eating. As an added bonus, once you have done some exercise, you will be less likely to indulge in unhealthy foods at which point a balanced DeliverLean meal will be the ultimate post workout solution.

Social pressure: Misery loves company – almost as much as guilt does! If friends and family are indulging, they will more than likely feel guilty about it. If you are attempting to remain healthy and in control, you will serve to highlight their guilt. Pressuring you to join them in over-indulging will assuage their guilt but throw you off track.

What can you do? If you know Aunty Marge is going to pressure you into joining her in one slice of cake, do your best to plan accordingly. Ensure you keep your blood sugar levels stable by eating regular meals before you go. This way, you will be more in control and able to resist the pressure. If you want to join Aunty Marge, opt for light meals during the day so you can enjoy the slice with your aunt and still feel good about your progress. DeliverLean salads or wraps at only 200-300 calories are prefect selections to keep you full without tipping the calorie scale.

Broken routines: The Festive Season often means time off work, traveling out of town and staying in places where you are not in control of the meals served to you.

What can you do? Just because you are not home or won’t have time to prepare healthy meals, doesn’t mean you should neglect your goals. DeliverLean is the ultimate solution for when you can’t/don’t want to prepare your own meals. Opt to have your meals delivered to you wherever you are and ensure you stay on track throughout the holidays. Maintain routine, maintain progress!

Emotional associations: Family favorites, mom’s signature dish or all your favorites cooked ‘just for you’ tend to make us feel compelled to eat foods we would otherwise avoid.

What can you do? Being prepared is half the battle won. Eat regular meals before an event to ensure you can resist the cravings or if you are looking forward to mom’s dish, be sure to choose low calorie options earlier/later in the day. This will assist you in managing your portions as you will be more in control. Alternatively, choose from the extensive DeliverLean menu where you are sure to find a satisfying substitute for your holiday favorites. Ones that are guilt-free and just as delicious.

The struggle is real, but with a well-formulated battle plan that includes sound nutrition, flexibility and convenience, there is no reason you shouldn’t stay on track and avoid the holiday bulge!

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