Balanced Nutrition for Back to School

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Plan Ahead

It is easy to fall into the fast food trap when you don’t plan your meals in advance. It was found through research at Cornell University that we make about 230 food choices each day.  If we are left without healthy, convenient choices, we often make impulsive choices that aren’t the greatest.  Most of the time it’s sugary beverages and processed foods, leading us way off course!  Whether its meal prepping on a Sunday night, or participating in a healthy, fresh meal plan delivered to your door, this will make all the difference in staying on track.  DeliverLean can save the day.  With a fresh and ready-to-go breakfast, lunch and dinner under your belt, there is no need to grab the usual candy bar or chips at the office.

Always Have a Snack Handy

When you are on-the-go all day, whether it’s morning meetings or carpooling after work, it’s always smart to have a snack on hand. This will help to keep your metabolism running and prevent you from overeating at your next meal.  Make sure your snack has both carbohydrates and protein for the perfect combination of energy.  A piece of fruit with a low-fat string cheese, a handful of trail mix, or vitamin-rich kale chips are all good options that beat out your standard vending machine fare.  Here at DL, we offer three awesome flavors of crispy kale, mixed nuts, and other healthy snacks to help keep you energized and satisfied during your busy day.

Get all of your Vitamins and Minerals

This is the time of year where the common cold and flu spread like wild fire. It’s so important to give your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs to maintain a strong immune system.  Antioxidants like Vitamin A and C will help your body ward off viruses.  Try making half of your plate vibrant vegetables and fruits at each meal for a nutrient-rich meal.  Another quick and easy way to get your five servings of fruits and veggies every day are through cold-pressed juices and smoothies.  It’s best to make these drinks more vegetable-heavy, with a touch of added fruit for sweetness, such as half a banana or pineapple chunks. Try a delicious USDA organic, cold-pressed OnJuice to boost your immune system so you can always keep up with your hectic schedule

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