Athletes on a Plant Based Diet Meal Plan

Can Athletes Perform Well on a Plant-Based Diet?

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Most of us have been raised with the understanding that making dairy and meat the mainstay of our diet is necessary for healthy bones and general fitness. You may have been told that, as an athlete, you won’t be able to fully reach your goals on a plant-based diet. In reality, athletes on a plant-based diet can not only thrive but also many times out-perform their competition. But putting together a balanced, plant-based diet can be time consuming, so many athletes opt for healthy meal delivery right to their door.

Maybe you thought all vegans and vegetarians were weak and pale due to a lack of animal protein. However, athletes such as Ironman Champion John Joseph, tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams, UFC fighters Nick and Nate Diaz among others demonstrate that this is not the case.

Digestive Perks of a Plant-Based Diet

Eating lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains gives your digestion a workout as the fiber in these healthy foods moves through your system. Fiber helps minimize belly bloat and optimize digestion and removing animal products from your diet keeps your veins clean and reduces clogged arteries that can be caused by cholesterol buildup. These factors help improve your performance, since when you are light and clean on the inside, you will be quick and impressive when it counts—during your competition.

Heart Smart

A plant-based diet is low in cholesterol and saturated fat, two major factors in heart health. When your cardiovascular system is running optimally, you can jump higher, run longer, and pretty much train harder on a daily basis with faster recovery times between workouts. It’s also easier to breathe and you will have more stamina—key factors that help you stay motivated during training and competitions.


Many athletes who regularly eat a plant-based diet report increased endurance and better performance within their chosen sports. Endurance and conditioning is a key component of almost every athlete’s success. Optimal endurance can easily be achieved with a healthy plant-based lifestyle.

Physique and Weight Maintenance

Since plant-based diets are light on saturated fats, you can easily maintain the physique required to compete in your chosen sport. Obviously you need to make sure your diet is well-balanced—filling up on sugary snacks and soda won’t give you the results you want regardless of how many vegetables you eat. Make plenty of legumes, grains, veggies, and fruits the centerpiece of your diet and you will achieve not only stellar results but long-term health.

At DeliverLean, we offer nutrient-dense plant-based meal delivery options prepared fresh daily by our world class chefs. Calorically balanced, each meal provides the correct amount of protein and complex carbohydrates for optimal energy and muscle building.

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