Inter Miami Using Stadium for Food Distribution While Awaiting 1st Game Inside

Inter Miami CF still isn’t sure when it will be able to return to its inaugural season in Major League Soccer, but while players are off the field they are focusing on a different priority.

South Florida’s new soccer team set the sport aside Wednesday morning to continue filling cars with canned good and pantry staples, something the club has been doing since the coronavirus pandemic temporarily shut down their season in mid-March.

“It’s extremely important because this is a very unique time, this is something that affects everybody from all economic backgrounds,” said Chris Allan, the team’s Vice President of Community Engagement.

Over the past seven weeks, Inter Miami has partnered with DeliverLean to donate more than 2,000 bags of food to families.

“For me it’s very helpful. I have two kids at home. My wife and me definitely appreciate this,” said Mauricio Busto, who lost his customer service job during the pandemic.

Allan says the need keeps growing.

“It’s been really sad and we’ve seen the same people come every week and we’ve actually started to get to know people a little bit,” he said. “So the outreach has been good, the impact has been huge.”

The drive-thru system has been taking place in the shadow of their brand new stadium in Fort Lauderdale, where the team has yet to play a game inside.

“That’s okay. We’ll get there eventually,” Allan said. “The priority right now is ensuring that people can eat and provide food for their families so football takes a backseat.”

Inter Miami plans to continue its outreach with an event scheduled in Miami where meals will be distributed.

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