Hidden Sugars in your Diet

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We all enjoy a nice sweet snack from time to time. Especially during the Summer, sweet treats sound like a delight. It’s also nice to receive a gourmet meal delivered to your door, with a small fruit or gluten free treat as dessert.  Ahhh…Summer.  Now, there is nothing wrong with enjoying a sweet treat from time to time; however, the problem begins when we consume too much sugar, too often.

Sugar is a molecule that gives foods a sweet taste. Usually, when we think of sugar, we think of candy, chocolate, cakes, etc. And sugar can very well be found in these foods. After all, sugar is what gives them their flavor.  Sugar is a nutrient that is not needed by the human body for survival. We simply eat because it tastes really good (even more for the folks who have a sweet tooth).

As mentioned above, sugar can be found in sweet treats (i.e. candy & chocolate). What we usually don’t think of when we think of sugar, are foods that we think of as “healthy” that also contain sugar. Our body converts certain foods into their simplest form, sugar, at the end of the processing period. Below is a list of foods that will turn into sugar:

  • Bread
  • Rice
  • Potato
  • Pasta
  • Fruit

The foods listed above are typically “ok” to eat, but we never think of how they turn into sugar.

Now, don’t go freak out just yet!  It’s fine to eat those foods. Shoot, it’s even ok to enjoy a brownie from time to time. Just remember these 3 simple tips to help control your sugar consumption:

  1. Meal prep. This will help you stay prepared throughout the day to manage cravings
  2. Mind your portions. Avoid overdoing the sweets
  3. Stay active. This will help burn some calories and allow for a little room to enjoy something sweet.

DeliverLean has also just launched a line of “better for you” desserts that can be added to any meal plan in the Member’s Portal.  So when you want to reward yourself or if you’re feeling like a little sweet treat, DeliverLean has you covered.  DeliverLean desserts include Meyer Lemon Tart, Chocolate Almond Butter Tart, Persian Lime Tart, Coconut Vanilla Crème Tart, Dark Chocolate Superfood Bark, Dark Chocolate Cacao Truffles, Paleo Chocolate Brownies, Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies, Strawberry Walnut Scones and Paleo Maple Chocolate Macaroons.

Now, go out and enjoy the rest of your Summer.  Have meals delivered with some good ol’ Deliver Lean to control portions.  Stay active. And Have fun!

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