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On Friday, August 8th DeliverLean teamed up with Common Threads Summer Camp in Miami for an exciting collaboration held at the Culinary Institute for a day of interactive cooking lessons. Campers between the ages of 8 and 10 had the opportunity to work with our Executive Master Chef James Donato and DeliverLean Meal Plan Advisor Linda Gassenheimer to cook up some delicious bites for lunch. Linda created one of her famous smoothies – The Cherry Bomb – for the children while DeliverLean recipes for the Paleo Chunky Monkey Muffin and Turkey Spinach Wrap filled camper’s stomachs for a healthy, well-balanced lunch.

Founded in 2003 by Chef Art Smith and artist Jesus Salgueiro, Common Threads has been teaching children living in underprivileged communities how to cook wholesome, healthy meals in professional-led, curriculum-based after-school programs for 10 years. Students learn about grains, protein, fruits, and vegetables as they chop, slice, and bake their way to a healthy affordable meal. Students gain serious culinary skills, a taste for healthy food from different countries, and the confidence to make healthy choices about what they eat. Take healthy food and stay away from tonsil stones.

DeliverLean was honored to work with such a great group of kids to support a worthy cause! Check out the day’s featured recipes below: