Brain boosting healthy meals

Healthy Meals That Boost Brain Power

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Your brain is a powerful machine, and like all powerful machines, it needs the right fuel to run at peak efficiency. We’ve long known that what we eat affects our bodies’ health and well-being and research increasingly indicates that eating healthy meals also affects how our brains function. The brain runs on glucose and also requires healthy fats that contain …

Juice Cleanses healthy for you

Juice Cleanses: Are They Good for You?

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After an especially indulgent week, the thought of doing a juice cleanse can be appealing. Celebrities such as Selma Hayak, Jessica Alba, Sofia Vergara, and Gwyneth Paltrow swear by them. Just a few days of drinking juice, and you are suddenly healthier. Below are just a few of the health benefits you can receive. 1) Rest the stomach Juices are …

Athletes on a Plant Based Diet Meal Plan

Can Athletes Perform Well on a Plant-Based Diet?

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Most of us have been raised with the understanding that making dairy and meat the mainstay of our diet is necessary for healthy bones and general fitness. You may have been told that, as an athlete, you won’t be able to fully reach your goals on a plant-based diet. In reality, athletes on a plant-based diet can not only thrive …